Manufacture of INOX Machinery and Olive Accessories


Manufacture of INOX Machinery and Olive Accessories
Kokkinidis Bros Machine Shop - Repair And Construction Of Stainless Steel Structures - Chalkidiki


Afoi Kokkinidis mechanical workshop is a company that specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel machinery and accessories for the olive tree in the region of Halkidiki. The company has a long and successful history in manufacturing machinery, using the latest technologies and materials to produce high quality products.
The company specializes in the manufacture of machinery for the collection, cleaning and processing of olives, as well as in the manufacture of accessories. The company has an experienced team of technicians who work hard to create the best machines for olive processing.
The company chooses the best materials and technologies for the construction of its machines, thus ensuring the durability and reliability of its products.

The hydraulically adjustable keg transfer grab was designed to facilitate the process of receiving, lifting, transporting and depositing kegs of specific dimensions. The keg transport grab helps to transport and lift kegs faster and safer. In the manufacturer's intended operation, the barrel transport grab is installed in the front working part of the forklift shape.




The manual sliding barrel transfer cart was designed to facilitate the process of receiving, transporting and depositing barrels of specific dimensions. During the intended operation, the only intervention made by the user is the push from the push handle.
Therefore, the user transports, with the help of the wheels and the push handle, the manual barrel transport trolley to the place where the barrel to be transported is located. By slightly lifting and moving the barrel towards the welded arcs, the barrel is placed on the support plates and retaining handle within the recesses included in the cap. By applying light pressure to the auxiliary pin and at the same time pulling the handle, the carriage is easily moved to the barrel area.




The olive fruit sorter is a structure that aims to carry out sorting and sorting of olive fruits according to quality and size.
Sorting of olives using the sorter is a widely used procedure for grading olives. The main parts of the device are the receiving and distribution hopper and the springs, through which the fruits are transported and sorted, according to their size